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Financial Freedom through Passive Investments

At Avant Asset Management, we believe that the good life isn’t just about building wealth: it’s about taking back your time and finding the space to finally be your best self.

Whether it’s paying off student loans, turning your side hustle into a full-time career, or saving for an early retirement, we want to help you reach all your financial goals and find the freedom to pursue your best life.

Investing in real estate is the single best way to start earning passive income. A real estate syndication is, in turn, the best way for busy people to begin investing in real estate without having to take on the full responsibility of buying, owning, renting, flipping, or selling property.

Make your hard-earned money work for you, not the other way around!

In The Media

“‘Even though I can’t predict the future, I use a lot of data that informs historic trends and future forecasting. Over the last decade, I’ve made clients a lot of money, and they appreciate that. I help them achieve their goals.’

Just as rates and values change, so do life circumstances. Thus, Matthew does an annual review with clients to assess whether they should stay put, refinance, buy, or sell. He also provides a trusted network of vendors for any property assessment or improvement needs.

Matthew said he’s learned that if you add value, people will recognize that over time. ‘If we can work together in creating that value, we can create some great returns.’ The concierge-level service he offers results in long-term relationships. ‘When I take on a client, I intend to see that client for life.’“

– Matthew Ma, San Mateo County REAL Producers (June 2020)

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